Garage Storage Units vs. Space Sharing


Garage Storage Units


Storing a vehicle, a boat, a trailer, or a motorcycle can be inconvenient and costly. Conventional storage facilities are usually located in out-of-the-way areas of the city, and if you live downtown, getting to your unit can be a real hassle. These facilities have numerous overhead costs, including maintenance, security, cleaning, advertising, taxes, and administration – and that means that rental prices are high. Yet many of us use garage storage units in these facilities, because, until recently, there hasn’t been an alternative.


However, the 21st century concept of using technology to create a "sharing economy” has revolutionized the way we do business. Many people now use Airbnb instead of hotels, or call an Über instead of a taxicab, for example. There are internet platforms that allow you to find neighbourhood options for pet-sitting, sporting equipment shares, office space shares, wifi sharing, and more. So before you sign or renew a rental agreement with a conventional storage facility, consider space sharing.


What is Space Sharing?


Space sharing connects people who need storage space to neighbours who have extra room in their homes, garages, yards, or sheds. You may need a place to store your convertible for the winter. A neighbour may have plenty of space in her two-car garage. A space sharing platform can put the two of you in contact and help you to make storage arrangements.


Do an internet search to find a company that specializes in space sharing, not an all-purpose site. (A dedicated space sharing company will have the expertise and supports in place to make the process as smooth and secure as possible.) You should be able to register on the site for free, and specify what type of space you need. The platform will supply you with storage options near you, and you can apply to the one that best suits your needs. If you and the host agree to the arrangement, you’ll be asked to sign a legal agreement that specifies what you’ll be storing, how you’ll be able to access your property, and any other agreed-upon terms. Payments should be made through the space sharing site, via a secure system such as PayPal. You should be able to contact the company for help if you encounter any difficulties.


Advantages of Space Sharing


Space sharing will save you money – often this type of self-storage is up to 50% less expensive than conventional garage storage units. Space sharing is also more convenient; if your vehicle can be stored right in the neighbourhood, it will be easier and faster to access it when you need it.


But in addition, space sharing can be good for your community. Making connections with neighbours builds trust and creates new networks. And the sharing economy is also good for the environment: instead of using more resources, you’ll be making use of existing resources that are underused.


If you need garage storage space, investigate the possibility of space sharing. Save money and time, reduce your environmental footprint, and help to strengthen your community!